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Decibel API 3.0 Now Available

decibel-slate3what we do
Decibel Music Systems Ltd. brings you the most in-depth knowledge in the music intelligence community. Our graph-based database holds over 100 fields of data per track, allowing app developers to craft the most powerful and insightful forms of music discovery.

decibel-slate1what we offer
We offer API access, as well as custom services in music database management, music research, and more! Our API has been created through the collaborative effort of data scientists and musicologists. We've designed the Decibel database to include basic recording information (track name, album, artist, duration), in addition to the deep, recording-level data unique to our API. We also have biographies for select artists, optimised for both web and mobile platforms.

decibel-slate2what you can do
Decibel is the premier resource to create recommendation services based on behind-the-scene tastemakers, linking songs and artists through shared producers, engineers, session artists, and more. We provide inherent music expertise that will allow you to deliver superior satisfaction to your customers through powerful, intuitive, and personalized user experiences.

For a full list of the possible data points for any given recording, click here.


  • 2GB Bandwidth
  • Access to Track, Album, Location, Artist Information, & Foreign IDs
  • Decibel Developer Event Invitations
  • MusicPulse Account
  • Customer Support
  • Higher data tiers available


  • 15GB Bandwidth
  • Access to Track, Album, Location, Artist Information, & Foreign IDs
  • Access to publishing and copyright information
  • MusicPulse Account
  • Direct Customer Support
  • Bespoke Data Services


    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Access to Track, Album, Location, Artist Information, & Foreign IDs
    • Access to publishing and copyright information
    • MusicPulse Account
    • Direct Customer Support
    • Bespoke Data Services

Decibel also offers various custom services, including data cleansing and content and advisory services. We also have a research team that can be mobilized to find specialized content for your catalogue. Please don’t hesitate to ask about anything to add to your metadata needs.

For a full list of our services including increased data on app developer level API access, please contact us at




“The most in-depth music metadata data you’re likely to find anywhere”

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