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Music is a universal subject. You can’t deny it wherever you go, it’ll be there. In each country you visit, you will get a taste of the kind of music culture they have without intending to. In India for example, if you go out on the street it’s inevitable that you will hear Hindi music …

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16-Apr-15/Blog /


Recently, the IFPI music report published that digital music revenue are on par with physical ones. After the long years of being criticized, the digital music did it. 46% of music revenues are equal with the discs. For a brief summary on this, music platforms were always criticized because of its weak rate of artists …

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09-Apr-15/Blog /


Damon Albarn, Jamie XX, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake etc. All these artists have in the past been part of bands. Although the success of their groups, they have decided to go solo. For the fans, when an artist decides to quit a band, they will mostly have one of these two reactions; cry, like a lot …

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02-Apr-15/Blog /


In today’s music industry, metadata has become a large part due to the place which digital music has been able to take in the industry. Metadata is shown to be the core of each streaming service as it is from there all the information is from. Streaming services all has their own API of a metadata …

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26-Mar-15/Blog /


Sony Music Entertainment. Universal Music Group. Warner Music Group. These are the three main record labels in today’s music industry. As technology is growing and digital music is becoming a larger part in the market, people are beginning to view record labels as obsolete. People can argue for and against this. The pros include that …

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05-Mar-15/Blog /


Bootleg. This word has two definitions in the music business. Within EDM, Bootleg is commonly known to be a mashup or a remix of a song which has not been released with help from a label. In the general music business, it has the definition of an unknown source having released a live recording off …

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19-Feb-15/Blog /


‘I just can’t crack your code,’ said Justin Timberlake. Well, if he is referring to the various ID codes that ‘Holy Grail’ is identified as then his concern is quite understandable. Much like ISBN for books, artists, albums, recordings and musical works also require some sort of identification system. They are often numbers of various …

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12-Feb-15/Blog /


Music metadata is a vast subject. So far, we have talked about various bits of data that make up our database such as location, aliases, and studios. However, we have yet to touch the most fundamental element: the music. While Decibel mainly deals with contextual metadata, we do include some musical elements information into our …

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28-Jan-15/Blog /

a$ap rokok

Ah, punctuation marks. The mortar to our alphabet bricks. When talking about punctuation marks, we often think about strict syntaxes to abide to: end sentences with periods, use commas to separate clauses, and the list goes on… Fortunately (or unfortunately) in the flamboyant world of music, such rules tend to be broken. For artists wishing …

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21-Jan-15/Blog /


Hello there! A late happy new year from us at Decibel. We just got back to our metadata HQ and we have been prepping things up for the new year. One of the things we are working on is our blog posts plan for the year. A number of interesting subjects like musical keys and …

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