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The Velvet Underground & Nico LP probably has one of the most iconic record sleeves of all time. It was designed by the world-famous Andy Warhol after all. But did you know that the pop artist also managed the band and produced most of the tracks on the LP? Listeners often overlook some participants involved in …

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Internet piracy is something that effects pretty much every aspect of the consumer tech world. From video games to iPhone apps to film and television, digital piracy affects digital media in a huge way. Its impact on the record industry is all too well known in this day and age, and it’s one thing that …

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Every day we step further into the digital world. Though we won’t be living in a ‘Tron’ fantasy anytime soon with teleportation and robot butlers that eventually turn against us, we’re still living in an exciting age. As digital music sales continue to rise and streaming services become increasingly popular, quality music metadata becomes ever …

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With two streaming giants acquiring smaller sites in the past three days, now seems like a perfect time to discuss music curation & discovery on streaming services. Yesterday Google announced that they’ve acquired streaming site Songza, a site that offers users a selection of human-curated playlists depending on factors such as mood, activity and even the current …

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With the World Cup in full flow for the past couple weeks, it’s been a popular topic of conversation fromthe most football crazed megafans to people who couldn’t explain what the offside rule is. At the Decibel office we got talking about football, and before long the topic of conversation wormed its way back towards …

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maad city2

Hip hop makes up one of the largest sectors of the music industry today. In 2004 it created over $10 billion dollars per year, and in 2013 there were four hip hop albums in the top selling digital albums in the US, with Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake & Macklemore representing the hip hop breadwinners. Justin Timberlake & Beyonce …

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The words, or lyrics, are a major reason we listen to a song. They tell a song’s story, can make us laugh or cry, and, in general, convey the artist’s emotions where music alone can’t. They’re an important part to the music experience, so why is it such a hassle to get lyrics to songs …

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Poor Franz Schubert. I’m not talking about this composer’s failure in love, or the lack of success he achieved during his lifetime, or even his tragically early death. I’m talking about the indignity, almost two centuries after his demise, of having some of his music labelled “(feat. Franz Schubert)” in a popular online catalogue. Not …

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Today’s digital platforms are powerful music promotion and marketing tools. They are responsible for enabling music discovery and purchase. The use of accurate metadata is powerful tool for this task. Beyond descriptive data, metadata can vastly improve music recommendation in digital content. Experts and professionals in digital service providers also agree that providing the right …

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Monopoly Feature

Hello again, readers. Happy Monday! Like our post 5 Facts About the Economics of Various Streaming Services, today’s post will continue to look at some of the issues being debated about on-demand streaming services concerning music sales and piracy. Since Spotify launched its beta application in 2008, many artists have chosen to use the service …

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